blueprint for college readiness

Explore the 50-state analysis by clicking the different policies below! Find out which states are pursuing these policies and check out the accompanying resources, such as the State Profiles. The Blueprint is designed to respond to the unique needs of states.

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Meeting the workforce needs of businesses requires that a greater number of Americans obtain a postsecondary degree or certification. To help achieve this goal, the Blueprint Report and the following state profiles review important policy approaches designed to increase the number of U.S. students who earn a postsecondary degree or certification.

Designed for state leaders, the Blueprint features a menu of 10 critical policies that promote college readiness and success. The 50-state analysis explores the extent to which states are meeting these benchmarks. The accompanying resources, technical assistance and online database are designed to respond to the unique needs of states. The Blueprint policies ECS reviewed are listed below.

High School Policies

Higher Education Policies

Bridge Policies

College and Career Readiness Standards

College and Career Readiness Assessments

High School Graduation Requirements

High School Accountability System

Statewide Admission Requirements

Statewide Remedial and Placement Policies

Transfer and Articulation Policies

Higher Education Accountability

Statewide College and Career Readiness Definition

Data Pipeline and Reporting



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